vSphere 7 is here…

Just two days after I performed a production upgrade to 6.7 , the modern hybrid cloud vSphere 7 has arrived.

Quick Feature Mention.

Flash Client be Gone – the HTML5 client is fully featured now so all predictions are there will be no flash option!! we’ll see.

Kubernetes (formerly Project Pacific) is obviously a huge part of the new feature set. run your containers along side your virtual machines, thats really going to be a game changer. very interested to see how that progresses, although they say it gives devops freedom to use resources they need and get on with providing solutions but there are going to be limited resources, and the SysAdmins out there all know we love keeping a hold of our resources haha. Need to do some more reading on this…

An overview:

Assignable Hardware

vSphere Lifecycle Manager

vCenter Server Profiles – standardizing configs for vCenter server

Image Cluster Management.  – cluster level images

Refactored vMotion

There is lots in this but when you have a really sensitive application, and virtual firewalls any improvement here will be greatly appreciated.

Intrinsic Security

MFA for vSphere basically.

Better DRS, oh yeah

Update Planner