New vExpert program announced for VMware Cloud on AWS

Ohh looking forward to getting into this one, should complement my current AWS studies. (to a degree).


New vExpert program announced for VMware Cloud on AWS

This program is specifically designed to discuss our current global challenges and solutions within our cloud strategy. This program will provide a forum in which our members can participate and discuss their current solutions and cloud vision within an enterprise or medium to small business environment. Cloud adoption continues to be the new wave of technology and adoption, and VMware Cloud on AWS capitalizes on this and provides a solution in which organizations require cloud adoption. This program is open to all professionals, regardless of skillset or career level. Additionally, this specialized cloud solution vExpert program is dedicated to all professionals that would like to engage within a cloud community, specifically on AWS public cloud. This vExpert program for VMware Cloud on AWS offers speaking engagements, community outreach, slack channel cloud solutions discussion and a myriad of more events.

So what are you waiting for? Come, learn and participate in all things cloud, specifically VMware Cloud on AWS.

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