Fully Featured HTML5-based vSphere Client Coming in Fall 2018

Blog post by – June Yang, Vice President, Product Management, Cloud Platform Business Unit, VMware.


The vSphere Client is a tool you use every day to manage your virtual infrastructure. You’ve told us what you want to see improved and that you want progress to be prioritized. We’ve been listening and acting on your feedback and we’d like to share the progress that’s been made, as well as our plans moving forward.

Many of you have been asking when will the vSphere Client become fully featured. We are targeting to deliver to you a fully featured version of the vSphere Client later this year, in Fall 2018.

In the past, we have shared with you details about the direction we have taken by focusing on the new HTML5-based vSphere Client. We have delivered numerous improvements and updates in the vSphere Client and with the latest fully-supported release in vSphere 6.7, the vSphere Client now supports most of your frequently performed operations. You can find the details of currently available workflow functionality in the vSphere Client here.

On top of that, we are constantly iterating, making improvements and adding functionality with a new Flings release of the vSphere Client every week. The vSphere Client does have an easy built-in feedback tool which feeds directly into our R&D team. Rest assured that we review each and every comment you send, and we use your feedback to guide our development priorities. While the Flings releases are not fully supported, they are stable and the best place to try the latest capabilities. As with the official vSphere Client, they give you easy opportunity to provide feedback directly to the product team working on it.

We’d like to take a moment and thank the over 80,000 of you who have already deployed the Flings and provided us lots of valuable feedback. Many of your functionality requests have already been incorporated into the product. We are very thankful and appreciate you taking the time to support the vSphere Client and helping make it better.

As we continue to work to complete the vSphere Client functionality, we invite you to try the Flings and/or the official vSphere Client in versions 6.5 and 6.7, provide us your feedback, and help us deliver the functionality that you need.




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