vRealize Operations Manager 6.7 – What-If-Analysis #quickpost

This is just a quick post on the fly…

So I have two vCenter servers and two clusters, warranty is running out in 6 months on the physical hardware of one cluster so I quickly need to find out capacity wise can I move all the virtual machines from one vCenter to another capacity-wise.

I’ve had a long history with spreadsheet capacity planning and it always bugs me.

So you know there is a tool out there for most jobs and here I used vRealize Operations Manager 6.7, What-If Analysis. VMware docs here.

The output you get is as per below essentially and also some public cloud costing alternatives.

To get here, open Ops Mgr, Home-> Optimize Capacity -> What-If Analysis -> SELECT.


Then you get to add workload.

Enter a Scenario Name -> Location from & to (separate clusters in separate vCenter data centers in my case).

Then I want to choose certain existing virtual machines to add, by selecting “Import from existing VM”




And that is pretty much it, you get a quick output of CPU, Memory & storage, in this case I need to do some house keeping or come up with an alternative plan.