VMworld 2018 Announcements *** vSphere Platinum ***

VMware vSphere Platinum

This is a new version of vSphere that is full of advanced security features integrated into ESXi brought to you VMware AppDefense.

AppDefense an its “ensuring good” methodology a good explanation in this diagram:

vSphere Platinum include a vCenter AppDefense plugin to allow administrators easily monitor and respond to threats. Also some interesting machine learning going on within AppDefense #hottopic.

To give you a push to run out and upgrade to Platunim VMware have a deal for you. Customers purchasing 5 or more CPUs of vSphere Platinum licenses will get $10,000 worth of credits for VMware Cloud on AWS… Thats only €8559.8 with todays currency rate, booooo.

Some other features listed below, for more info, click here

  • Secure Data
    • FIPS 140-2 Validated VM Encryption, and cross-vCenter Encrypted vMotion – Secure against unauthorized data access both at rest and in motion, across the hybrid cloud.
  • Secure Infrastructure
    • Secure Boot for ESXi – Allows only VMware and Partner signed code to run in your hypervisor.
    • Secure Boot for Virtual Machines – Helps prevent images from being tampered with and prevents the loading of unauthorized components.
    • Support for TPM 2.0 for ESXi – Enables hypervisor integrity by validating the Secure Boot for ESXi process and enables remote host attestation.
    • Virtual TPM 2.0 – Provides the necessary support for guest operating system security features while retaining operational features such as vMotion and disaster recovery.
    • Support for Microsoft Virtualization Based Security – Supports Windows 10 and Windows 2016 security features, like Credential Guard, on vSphere.
  • Secure Access
    • Audit Quality Logging – Enables authorized administration and control by providing high fidelity visibility in vSphere operations.