VMware Skyline Appliance Upgrade

A quick rundown on the upgrade process of VMware Skyline Appliance. In this instance from version to

Log onto the VAMI https://skyline_collector_ip_address:5480

Log in as root. If your root password is not being accepted, console onto the virtual machine or ssh to the box and try log in, you may get prompted that the root password has expired, so if thats the case enter new password and save.

Click on Check Updates -> Install Updates

When ready take a snapshot before hand.



When ready to reboot go to the system tab and Reboot.

When appliance is back up, log in and the new build number should appear.

Log into https://skyline.vmware.com/advisor/

Collector should be running.

It takes a while for the collectors to start reviewing data. 

If not look up the error here:


Usually it just take a little time.

You are done, delete snapshot.