VCSA 5.5 to VCSA 6.0 Upgrade (migration)

This is a quick run through on an upgrade or moreso a migration from a VCSA 5.5 appliance with embedded platform services controller to a VCSA 6.0.

Remember vSphere 5.5 and vSAN 5.5 End of General Support is September 19 2018

Some prereq’s

Ensure your appliance is health, browse to your appliance ip:5480 to check all is green.

Ensure you know where you are placing the new appliance and you have sufficient disk space.

Check DNS is working and NTP is in sync and operating.

Take a snapshot of your VCSA

Have your temporary IP address ready.

VMware Documentation can be found here.

Download appliance and mount if on your laptop/desktop that has access to the vCenter.


Run vcsa-setup.html file


Enter existing VCSA details

Take note of the info icon here regarding naming of new virtual machine**

Choose the relevant deployment size, in my case its a Tiny deployment.

Enter temporary IP details.



Running tasks.


Click close, and then go have a cup of tea for 10/15 minutes and let all the appliance services startup fully and don’t sit there and try to get to the webclient as it might not just be fully initialized and you may start getting worried something has gone wrong.

Relax and breath and be patient 🙂