AWS Outposts – A game changer

AWS Outposts – announced today.

Well this is going to be an interesting one.

Next year are we going to be seeing lots of companies rolling racks or 1/2 racks of Amazon hardware in to their local data centers to run EC2 instances in their own DC’s?

Are we going to see service providers doing the same and reselling AWS from their own COLO DC’s?

Are independent data centre’s going turn into “AWS” data center’s?

Is it the end of the likes of XVRail?

So you can have VMware Cloud on AWS sitting on this hardware in your DC, OR have AWS Native running on this hardware all using the same API’s that you would use with either option in the cloud at one of the AWS data centers.

The AWS Outposts infrastructure will be fully managed, maintained, installed by AWS if preferred and supported by AWS.

I do wonder if you needed extra storage on prem with your Outpost, what your options would be, utilize storage in cloud, or will AWS send a drone out with with a new rack of kit and drop it into the rack :-).

Either way, I will be eager to hear more on this news as it unfolds, and what the costs will be!

Stay tuned.

A good rundown here.