vSphere Lifecycle

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Today I am excited to kick off the vSphere Upgrade Blog Series. This vSphere Upgrade Series will cover the upgrades of each piece of the vSphere environment as they’re upgraded, and in the proper sequence. This blog series will begin with Preparing to Upgrade. After this post, we will continue with Upgrading vCenter Server, then move…

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VMware ESXi patches are released periodically to resolve issues or address security vulnerabilities – just like any other software product. These updates can either be downloaded automatically through VMware vSphere Update Manager (VUM) or manually by logging in to My VMware. Regardless of delivery means, the contents are the same: a collection of software packages,…

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With the recent announcement and general availability of vSphere 6.7 we’ve seen an immense amount of interest. With each new version of vSphere we continue to see customers start their testing of new releases earlier and earlier in the release cycle. vSphere 6.7 brings a number of important new features that vSphere Administrators as well…

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