Day 2 On the 2nd day of #12DaysOfK8s, learn what Kubernetes is from the founders themselves! @jbeda and @cmcluck name 7 fast facts, including about its start at Google and the meaning behind the name. Find out even more tomorrow: 

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A quick rundown on the upgrade process of VMware Skyline Appliance. In this instance from version to Log onto the VAMI https://skyline_collector_ip_address:5480 Log in as root. If your root password is not being accepted, console onto the virtual machine or ssh to the box and try log in, you may get prompted that…

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#carbonblack I printed this off and sat down and had a good read of it, very interesting insights to whats happening in the world of cyber security. I passed it around the team but got back blank stares! this scares me. If you are not constantly concerned with cyber security we are all in trouble….

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Just two days after I performed a production upgrade to 6.7 , the modern hybrid cloud vSphere 7 has arrived. Quick Feature Mention. Flash Client be Gone – the HTML5 client is fully featured now so all predictions are there will be no flash option!! we’ll see. Kubernetes (formerly Project Pacific) is obviously a huge part…

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Delighted to get accepted into the vExpert program again this year. It has been a rough 12 months and didnt get as much done as I’ve liked in terms of study, research etc. Roll on the next 12 months.

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Home labs from the VMware Community – Classsssssssss Some money spent here, Mines is pitiful ( well they used to be, A couple of old Dell PowerEdge R720’s. They used to heat up the home office/playroom nicely. This list compiled by @lamw is unreal, and the links make for pretty cool reading. Here is the…

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