So I suppose it would be rude not to put a little info about me on here.
So where do I begin….. I’m working in the IT industry 14 years, and they haven’t been easy, or then again they haven’t been particularly taxing either (take from that what you may), happy to discuss over a vBeer :-).
I only started dipping my toe in virtualization about 7 years ago, thanks to some nice colleagues that let me start deploying virtual machines, I had completed a number of VMware certifications before then but it was all theoretical up to that point ( I really knew nothing).
Truth be told I always thought I’d end up working for myself outside of the IT industry and hence where the domain name arose from. I am a self-confessed non geek, the least geeky person you may meet when it comes to the world of infrastructure and technology, I never really broke down PC’s and dont have an out of this world home lab put together with playdoh and SSD’s glued together, I don’t think I ever soldered a wire onto a circuit board (well maybe in college) but college was for having a good time haha.
Anyway, to this note all of the above probably did me no good in this industry, sure after all I’m only getting around to starting this website now, its 2018 and I aint getting any younger believe me.
The one thing (now this is basic) but the one thing that excited and amazed me about virtualization (back in the day) was how you could so simply add another few GB to a HDD of a Windows server through the VI client and then simply rescan and extend a volume to increase the size of a drive in Windows! that just blew me away how easy it was and always stuck with me, sad I know how cool I thought that was (WOW maybe I am slightly geeky…. Naaaaa) haha. But now we have HCI and SDDC with NSX and vSAN, this stuff is mad (and super cool).
So my goal for this site and its information is to learn more, get involved more, discuss more and ensure I stay abreast of new technology trends when it comes to infrastructure and virtualization.
So I could probably rabbit on here for a while but I better do some actual work.

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